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Private revelation

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Private revelation is, in Christian theology, a message from God, which can come in a variety of types. Throughout the history of Christianity, there have been numerous alleged revelations, from the prophecies of Montanus to the Miracle of the Sun.

According to the Catholic Church, there are two types of revelations: divine revelation, which is in the Word of God (the Bible and Sacred Tradition), and in the Word of God incarnate (Jesus Christ); and personal revelation, which is a heavenly message that helps people live by divine revelation.

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On March 25, 1945, a vision of the Virgin Mary appeared to a woman named Ida Peerdeman in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. “The Lady of All Nations” is a title used to describe this Marian apparition. Over the course of Ida’s life, Mary appeared to her fifty-six times. However, the visions did not end with Our Lady. After Mary stopped appearing to her on May 31, 1959, Peerdeman received what she called “Eucharistic Experiences” for twenty-six years, where she was given divine revelation most times during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. One hundred and fifty one Eucharistic apparitions were reported. All in all, two hundred and seven apparitions were experienced through Ida Peerdeman.

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