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Did you knows list[edit]

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/1

Replica of the HMB Endeavour in Cooktown harbour.

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/2

A drawing of a smallmouth scad.

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/3

Charles Cochrane-Baillie, 2nd Baron Lamington.

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/4

Sir Littleton Ernest Groom, KCMG.

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/5

Urangan Pier in 2010

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/6

Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/7

The 119 m Dreamworld Tower

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/8

Wivenhoe Dam spilling with all five floodgates open in October 2010
  • ...that the town of Killarney was hit by a destructive tornado on Saturday 23 November 1968, which destroyed many buildings?
  • ...that the Windorah Solar Farm uses five concentrated solar dishes each containing 112 square mirrors which sit atop 13 m masts and can rotate 360°?
  • ...that Wivenhoe Dam (pictured) is home to the vulnerable Queensland lungfish?
  • ...that Stanthorpe holds the record for the lowest temperature recorded in Queensland at -10.6 °C on 23 June 1961?

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/9

Ramsay Bay beach and Mount Bowen

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/10

Coastal defences on Bribie Island

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/11

Mount Kootaloo behind Brammo Bay on Dunk Island.

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/12

Coat of Arms of Queensland
  • ...from the Brisbane Centre at Brisbane Airport, Airservices Australia manages the airspace over the northern half of Australia, representing 5% of the world’s total airspace?
  • ...that the first female police officers of the Queensland Police were inducted in 1931?
  • ...that goats left by early survey vessel mariners and the early guano vessels on Lady Musgrave Island were finally removed in 1974?
  • ...that the Coat of arms of Queensland (pictured) includes a shield containing representations of Queensland's most abundant industries?

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/13

Tornado funnel slide at Wet'n'Wild Water World

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/14

Billy Slater after the 2009 NRL Grand Final

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/15

Brisbane City Hall, 2005
  • ...that Wayne Bennett, an Australian professional rugby league football coach and former player, had a reputation for almost never smiling?
  • ...that although Brisbane City Hall (pictured) was officially opened on 8 April 1930, it had been partially occupied since 1927?
  • ...that the Clem Jones Tunnel in Brisbane has Queensland's highest concentration of fixed speed detection devices?
  • ...that the Capricorn Coast is home to a large South Sea Islander population, who are descendents of people indentured, often against their will, to work the sugar cane farms in the 1890s?

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/16

Innisfail, Johnstone River and surrounds, 2005

Portal:Queensland/Did you know/17

Gas Stripping Tower in 2013