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Eastern cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus)

The lagomorphs (/lˈæɡəmɔːrf/) are the members of the taxonomic order Lagomorpha, of which there are two living families: the Leporidae (hares and rabbits) and the Ochotonidae (pikas). The name of the order is derived from the Ancient Greek lagos (λαγώς, "hare") + morphē (μορφή, "form"). There are 110 recent species of lagomorph of which 109 are extant, including 34 species of pika, 42 species of rabbit, and 33 species of hare. (Full article...)

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A woman and her rabbit

The British Rabbit Council (BRC) is a British showing organization for rabbit breeders. Originally founded as The Beveren Club in 1918, its name first changed to British Fur Rabbit Society and finally to The British Rabbit Society. Today, the BRC among other things investigates rabbit diseases, maintains a catalog of rabbit breeds, and sets rules for about 1,000 rabbit shows annually in the UK. Owners of house rabbits are also encouraged to join the organization to learn how to care optimally for their pets.

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Standard Rex rabbit
The Standard Rex is a breed of rabbit developed in France in 1919. It is known for its unusually soft coat of fur. Currently, Standard Rex Rabbits are most commonly kept as pets and show rabbits. Burke's Backyard notes that Rex rabbits are claimed to be one of the most intelligent breeds of rabbits. The Standard Rex Rabbit can be housed outdoors year-round in warmer climates as well as in cooler climates if the correct accommodations are made. It can be fed a combination of commercial rabbit pellets and oaten hay. Additionally, the Standard Rex tends to be a hardy breed with few health issues.

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It was amazing that a play that seems dated in this world… A man whose best friend is a six-foot white rabbit… But it caught on, especially with young people — they surprised me most of all.
— James Stewart

Referring to his 1950 film Harvey


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Detail from Nature morte de fruits et de fleurs avec des animaux by David Koninck
Detail from Nature morte de fruits et de fleurs avec des animaux by David Koninck
Detail from Nature morte de fruits et de fleurs avec des animaux ("Still life with fruits, flowers, and animals"), a late 17th-century work by Flemish Baroque painter David Koninck (ca. 1644 – after 1701)

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A pet rabbit eating a vegetable

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... that a male rabbit is called a buck?
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