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Selected articles list[edit]

Portal:Radio/Selected station/1 WABC AM ("NewsTalkRadio 77") is the flagship station of the ABC Radio Network serving the New York City metropolitan area and is licensed to New York City. The station's transmitter is located in nearby Lodi, New Jersey.

During the 1960s and 1970s, WABC was a highly successful station with its Top 40 format, and was the dominant music station in the New York City area -- reportedly drawing eight million listeners each week at the peak of its success -- and served as a role model for many other Top 40 stations in different cities.

Since the 1980s WABC has had a talk radio format, and is not only the dominant talk radio station in the New York area, but was until recently the most listened to talk radio station in America. WABC is or has been the flagship station for nationally-known radio talkers Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and John Batchelor.

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Portal:Radio/Selected station/2 BBC Radio 2 is one of the BBC's national radio stations and is the most popular station in the UK. It broadcasts throughout the UK on FM radio between 88 and 91 MHz from its studios in Western House, adjacent to Broadcasting House in central London. Programmes are also relayed on DAB, Sky Digital, Cable TV, Freeview and the Internet.

The station started at 7:00am on September 30, 1967, and succeeded the Light Programme, with some of the Light's music shows transferring to the newly-launched Radio 1. The first show however had actually started at 5.30am (on the Light programme) but continued on with Breakfast Special from Paul Hollingdale as Radio 1 split off.

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Portal:Radio/Selected station/3 BBC Local Radio is the BBC's regional radio service for England and the Channel Islands, consisting of 40 stations. Initially, stations had to be co-funded by the BBC and local authorities, which only some Labour-controlled areas proved willing to do. Radio Leicester was the first to launch on 8 November 1967, followed by Sheffield, Merseyside and Nottingham. By the early 1970s, the local authority funding requirement was dropped, and stations spread across the country; many city-based stations later expand their remit to cover an entire county. Today, stations are asked to target their coverage to Dave and Sue, two fictional fifty-five-year-olds.

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