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On this page we will discuss the articles that will be displayed in the Selected article box on the Railways in India Wikiportal.


The goal of this process is to get more articles related to Railways in India up to Featured Article status. The nomination process here is a little more relaxed, but articles that are rated high on quality scale gain more points. As articles are promoted or rejected, their discussions are archived.

Nominating articles[edit]

  • Find an article related to Railways in India that you think is very good. It need not be a rated current Good Article or Featured Article, but if it is, it could only help the nomination.
  • Check its unofficial rating by a WikiProject; it must be C-class or higher to qualify
  • If the article was previously nominated for featured status, or if it has been on peer review, try to resolve as many of the remaining objections as possible.
  • If possible, please accompany the article with a freely-licensed image (such as images released under the GNUFDL, Public Domain.) Fair use images are not permitted, per Wikipedia:Non-free content criteria.
  • The articles should be related to Railways in India only.Articles not related to Railways in India will not be entertained.

Supporting and objecting[edit]

  • If you approve of an article, write "Support" followed by your reasons.
    • A nomination is considered a vote in support, so nominators don't need to add another vote to their nominations.
  • If you oppose a nomination, write "Oppose" followed by the reasons for your objection. Where possible, objections should provide a specific rationale that can be addressed.
    • To withdraw an objection, strike it out (with <s>...</s>) rather than removing it.