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Selected picture

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/1
Sts114 033.jpg
Credit: NASA, CAST
Anchored to a foot restraint on the International Space Station's robotic arm, STS-114 Mission Specialist Steve Robinson participates in the mission's third spacewalk.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/2
Tuerkischer schachspieler racknitz5.jpg
Credit: commons:User:Dr Juzam
Wolfgang von Kempelen's The Turkish Chess Player.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/3
Explosieven Opruimingsdienst.jpg
Credit: nl:User:JePe
Remote controlled military robot to clear explosives.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/4
Credit: commons:User:Dschen
Presentation of the Sony Qrio Robot at the RoboCup 2004.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/5
Puma Robotic Arm - GPN-2000-001817.jpg
Credit: Dominic Hart, NASA
The Puma Robotic Sensor Arm for use in virtual reality development and studies at the NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/6
Credit: archivesnormandie39-45.org
British soldiers with captured German Goliath tracked mines.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/7
Shadow Hand Bulb large.jpg
Credit: Richard Greenhill, Hugo Elias, Shadow Robot Company
Shadow Dexterous Robot Hand holding a lightbulb.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/8

Credit: User:BradBeattie
Team Osaka's humanoid robot practicing for Robocup.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/9

Credit: commons:User:Dake
Sony's toy robot dog, Aibo.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/10
Kismet robot 20051016.jpg
Credit: Jared C. Benedict
Facially expressive robot Kismet.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/11
Bios robotlab writing robot.jpg
Credit: Mirko Tobias Schaefer
The BIOS Robotlab is designed to write out copies of the bible, mimicking the way they were written out by monks.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/12
FU-Fighters RoboCup SmallSize Team 2004 with trophies.jpg
Credit: commons:User:Maximon
Robocup's FU-Fighters small-size team 2004.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/13
Toyota Robot at Toyota Kaikan.jpg
Credit: commons:User:Chris 73
Toyota robot at the Toyota Kaikan in Toyota City.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/14
Piezas - LMS.jpg
Credit: es:User:Superzerocool
Set of Lego Mindstorms.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/15
Anybots robot monty.jpg
Credit: Jeff Keyzer
Monty - a robot from Anybots, tele-operated by a glove.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/16

Credit: As alin
Gerd Hirziner, director of the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics of the German Aerospace Centre and Justin

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/17
Prof. Robert C. Michelson holding his Georgia Tech Entomopter.
The Entomopter is capable of flying on planets such as Mars,
giving several advantages over fixed-wing options.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/18

Credit: University of Edinburgh
Freddy II
The first robot to use 3D vision
to identify the parts for assembly.

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/19
Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/19

Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/20
Portal:Robotics/Selected picture/20


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