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On this page you can suggest pictures for display in the "Selected picture" box on Portal:Royal Navy.


Finding selected picture candidates[edit]

Look for a picture on the English Wikipedia that is related to the Royal Navy that you think is very good and would be suitable for use as the selected picture.

Nominating pictures[edit]

  1. Click on the "Edit"-button for the "Current nominations" section.
  2. At the top of this page (above the other candidates) create a third-level header with a description of the image, using the following text === [[DESCRIPTION]] ===. Then insert the image using the following: [[Image:IMAGE NAME|200px]]
  3. Below this new line, add your reasons for nominating the picture and then sign your nomination with ~~~~.


If you would like to endorse a picture listed below, please indicate by signing your name in its subsection. If none of the nominated pictures are endorsed, the will be utilized in order of nomination. If no pictures are nominated, the portal will still be updated; in this case, a picture will be selected at random by one of the portal maintainers.

Current nominations[edit]

Spent shells lying around HMS Cardiff's 4.5 inch gun after giving Naval Gunfire Support during the Falklands War (1982). The top of her worn Sea Dart launcher can also be seen on the bottom right.[edit]

Aftermath Cardiff NGS.JPG

This pic was taken by Cardiff crewman Ken Griffiths, which he recently released to public domain. On one particular engagement during the war, Cardiff fired 277 HE rounds whilst on the Bluff Cove gunline.[1]

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