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Selected pictures

HMS Monmouth and Foudroyant 1758.jpg

The capture of the Foudroyant by HMS Monmouth, 28 February 1758.

Painting by Francis Swaine

33 HMS Triumph floodlit Rio de Janeiro Feb1972.jpg

HMS Triumph floodlit in Rio de Janeiro.

Photograph taken from [1].

A UGM-27 Polaris submarine-launched ballistic missile is launched from the British submarine HMS Revenge (S27).

Original photograph is a public domain image produced by a US military or Department of Defense employee.

Van de Velde, Resolution in a Gale.jpg

HMS Resolution in a gale, c. 1678.

Painting by William van de Velde the younger.

HMS Bonaventure in October of 1940.

This image has been released into the public domain by its author, MiniEntente.

Victory by Constable.JPG

His Majesty's Ship Victory, Capt. E. Harvey, in the Memorable Battle of Trafalgar between two French Ships of the Line

Painting by John Constable.

British Battlecruiser HMS Hood circa 1932.jpg

British battlecruiser HMS Hood while fitted with an aircraft catapult aft, circa 1932.

Public Domain image produced by a sailor in the US Navy.

Ark royal r07.600px.jpg

HMS Ark Royal in Greenwich dock, London.

Credit: Original photography by Michael Reeve.

HMS Charity (R29).jpg

HMS Charity engaged in Operation Fishnet off North Korea in 1952, during the Korean War.

Public domain work produced by an employee of the US Navy

Destruction of HMS Queen Mary.jpg

Destruction of the battlecruiser HMS Queen Mary.

Image uploaded from Great War Archive.