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Selected quote 1

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/1

In south west Lancashire babes don't toddle, they side-step. Queuing women talk of 'nipping round the blindside'. Rugby league provides our cultural adrenalin. It's a physical manifestation of our rules of life, comradeship, honest endeavour, and a staunch, often ponderous, allegiance to fair-play.
Colin Welland, writer
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Selected quote 2

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/2

Anyone who does not watch rugby league is not a real person.
John Singleton
The Australian, 1980
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Selected quote 3

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/3

We don't have stars in our game, that's soccer.
Frank Machin, character
This Sporting Life, 1963
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Selected quote 4

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/4

We trained like Tarzan all week, then played like Jane.
Frank Endacott, coach
Widnes Vikings coaching advisor following a 40-6 away defeat to the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, 2004.
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Selected quote 5

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/5

It's long enough, it's high enough and it's straight between the posts.
Frank Hyde, commentator
Radio call as a goal was scored that became iconic in the game.
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Selected quote 6

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/6

In its modern dress or its old, it is a fine, fine game - the best of all, I reckon, played by men with a ball in their hands.
Frank Hyde, commentator
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Selected quote 7

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/7

I salute the contribution that Rugby League has made to Australia's national identity, it's a tough game. It started as a working man's game; it's become every man's game now. It still retains that working class character and that's part of its heart and soul and I hope it always does, but it is also a game that has reached out to the entire community.
John Howard, Australian Prime Minister
Sydney Morning Herald, 27 November 2006
Speech at a Centenary of Rugby League presentation.
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Selected quote 8

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/8

This man cannot continue - and it must not be considered
— Great Britain team doctor
Memoirs and Sporting Life of Tom Mitchell, By Tom Mitchell
In reference to captain Alan Prescott's broken arm at half time during the 1958 'Battle of Brisbane' test match against Australia. Prescott led his team to victory.
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Selected quote 9

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/9

Met Dad, went to Wembley. Played Chekhov in the evening. Quite a day.
Sir Tom Courtenay, actor
Hull born actor on the day Hull F.C. lost to Wigan in the 1959 Challenge Cup final.
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Selected quote 10

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/10

I'd rather be on Blackpool beach than Bondi beach.
Leon Pryce, player
Leon Pryce on life with the Lions, BBC Sport, 2006
During Great Britain's Tri-Nations campaign in Australia
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Selected quote 11

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/11

Since I finished playing rugby league, apartheid has ended, the Iron Curtain has come down and the Israelis have given up the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians. But I still can't play rugby [union] on a Saturday afternoon.
Ian Birkby, player
Former Castleford Tigers player who had been prevented from playing socially for Cheshire rugby union club.
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Selected quote 12

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/12

The clubs here represented decide to form a Northern Rugby Football Union, and pledge themselves to push forward without delay its establishment on the principle of payment for bona fide broken time only.
— Representatives of the senior clubs of Lancashire and Yorkshire
Resolution made at the George Hotel that led to the sport of rugby league football
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Selected quote 13

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/13

It's the first time I've been cold for seven years. I was never cold playing rugby league.
Jonathan Davies, player
A Question of Sport, BBC Television, 1995
Commenting on the biggest change after returning to the union code.
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Selected quote 14

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/14

You are playing in a game of football this afternoon, but more than that you are playing for England and more, even, you are playing Right versus Wrong. You will win because you have to win. Don't forget that message from home: England expects every man to do his duty.
— J. Clifford, manager
Speech before the "Rorke's Drift Test" in which the Northern Union regained The Ashes from Australia in 1914.
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Selected quote 15

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/15

Rugby League was a game whose laws had been codified by workers in the forlorn north of England; miners and mill-workers of Bradford and Wigan, Hull and Warrington, were invaded by that peculiar genius which concerns itself with the serious business of human games, and produced what was the supreme code, a cellular structure composed of thirteen players which mimicked life and art and war so exactly that it became them.
A Family Madness by Thomas Keneally
Hodder and Stoughton, 1986
Page 29
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Selected quote 16

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/16

So, in the closing of one season in triumph and some glory, and in the anticipation of the beginning of another, rugby league's cycle of the year continued. It had been 100 years since the game's pioneers had met on an autumn afternoon in England's north to write the first words of the story. Down the years there had been countless afternoons of courage and wondrous athleticism in the glorious uncertainty of the contest, men against men in the game that had been called the hardest of them all. In 1995 came a new challenge, a split that tore friend from friend, club from club; the game drew deeply then on the reserves of resilience that had always been its lifeblood and steeled itself to press on. As ever, the future lay with the youth, in the ancient and enduring image of young men pulling on the colours of their clubs and heading in spirit of mateship out onto the rough paddocks, in fair weather or foul, to play the winter game. The hand of the past reached out year by year to the hand of the future, passing on the tradition, the spirit, the very essence of the game they play. A game of hard knocks and fair play, of living with hurt and learning to win and learning to lose, of the joy of shared experience on the field of battle. Over 100 years the game has changed mightily but those things never, and that is rugby league.
The rugby cycle by Ian Heads, That's Rugby League
VEG, 1995
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Selected quote 17

Portal:Rugby league/Selected quote/17

That's football, mate. It makes the game more decent, they're tough men, they're big men and it's going to happen from time to time.
Wayne Bennett, coach
Press conference, 2003
Thoughts on fights between players
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Selected quote 18

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Selected quote 19

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Selected quote 20

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