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Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/January

Feodor I of Russia

Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/February

Feodor Romanov

Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/March


Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/April

Nativity Cathedral built by Dmitrievich (ca. 1405)

Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/May

Alliances formed as a result of the Diplomatic Revolution

Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/June

Salt Riot in Kolomenskoe, by N. Nekrasov

Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/July

Sviatoslav depicted in artwork by Ivan Akimov

Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/August

Yaroslav the Wise

Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/September

The Battle of Kulikovo by Blinov

Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/October

Siege of Kazan (1552)

Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/November

Moscow Kremlin

Portal:Russia/Selected anniversaries/December

Portrait of Ivan IV by Viktor Vasnetsov, 1897