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Statistical Introduction - show another

Statistics of Saskatchewan are under the jurisdiction of the Saskatchewan Bureau of Statistics. The Saskatchewan Bureau of Statistics is a branch of the Ministry of Finance. The Saskatchewan Statistics Act 1972 was the last government approved protocol.

Provincial emblems are approved of by the Office of Protocol and Honours. Provincial emblems are a symbol of the beauty, culture, traditions, and values of the province of Saskatchewan

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  • Abbreviation: SK
  • Abbreviation (Old): Sask
  • Capital: Regina
  • Provincial Officers
    • Lieutenant Governor:
    • Premier: Honourable Brad Wall
  • Cabinet[1]
    • Minister of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing: Honourable Darryl Hickie
    • Minister of Municipal Affairs: Honourable Bill Hutchinson
    • Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation: Honourable Bill Hutchinson
    • Minister of Agriculture: Honourable Bob Bjornerud
    • Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation: Honourable Bob Bjornerud
    • Minister of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour: Honourable Rob Norris
    • Minister Responsible for Immigration: Honourable Rob Norris
    • Minister Responsible for the Workers Compensation Board: Honourable Rob Norris
    • Minister of Environment: Honourable Nancy Heppner
    • Minister of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport: Honourable Christine Tell
    • Minister Responsible for the Capital City Commission: Honourable Christine Tell
    • Minister of Crown Corporations: Honourable Ken Cheveldayoff
    • Minister of Social Services: Honourable ' Donna Harpauer
    • Deputy Government House Leader: Honourable Donna Harpauer
    • President of the Executive Council: Honourable Brad Wall
    • Deputy Premier: Honourable Ken Krawetz
    • Minister of Education: Honourable Ken Krawetz
    • Minister of Enterprise and Innovation: Honourable Lyle Stewart
    • Minister of Highways and Infrastructure: Honourable Wayne Elhard
    • Minister Responsible for the Public Service Commission (PSC): Honourable Wayne Elhard
    • Provincial Secretary: Honourable Wayne Elhard
    • Minister of Energy and Resources: Honourable Bill Boyd
    • Minister Responsible for Intergovernmental Affairs: Honourable Bill Boyd
    • Minister of Finance: Honourable Rod Gantefoer
    • Government House Leader: Honourable Rod Gantefoer
    • Minister of First Nations and Métis Relations:Honourable June Draude
    • Minister Responsible for Northern Affairs:Honourable June Draude
    • Minister of Health:Honourable Don McMorris
    • Minister of Government Services: Honourable Dan D'Autremont
    • Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA): Honourable Dan D'Autremont
    • Minister Responsible for the Information Technology Office (ITO): Honourable Dan D'Autremont
    • Minister of Justice: Honourable Don Morgan Q.C.
    • Attorney General: Honourable Don Morgan Q.C.
  • Total Area: 651,900 square kilometres (251,700.0 sq mi)
  • Land Area: 591,670 square kilometres (228,445.1 sq mi)
    • Railway track: 95,137 kilometers (59,115 mi)
    • Highways, roads and streets: 198,239 kilometers (123,180 mi)
    • Paved, two-lane: 11,822 kilometers (7,346 mi)
    • Paved, four-lane, divided: 2,356 kilometers (1,464 mi)
    • Oil treatments: 6,102 kilometers (3,792 mi)
    • Gravel and other: 5,752 kilometers (3,574 mi)
    • Provincial Highways: 26,032 kilometers (16,176 mi)
  • Water Area: 59,366 square kilometres (22,921.3 sq mi)
  • Percent Water: 9.1
    • Principal Rivers and Lakes: Cree, La Ronge, Peter Pond, Dore, Churchill, South Saskatchewan, North Saskatchewan, SaskatchewanAssiniboine, Battle, Fond du Lac, Athabasca, Reindeer, Wollaston, Cree, La Ronge, Peter Pond, Dore
  • Population Rank: 6th
  • Population: 1,003,299 (est.)[2]
  • Population Year = 2007
  • Density Rank: 9th
  • Number of Cities: 13
  • Number of Towns: 147
  • Number of Villages: 346
  • Number of Rural Municipalities: 296
  • Number of Census Divisions: 18
  • Density km2: 1.67
  • GDP year: 2006
  • GDP total: C$45.051 billion[3]
  • GDP rank: 5th
  • GDP per capita: C$45,718
  • GDP per capita rank: 5th
  • Admittance Order: 9th (province)
  • Admittance Date: September 1, 1905 (Split from NWT)
  • Time Zone: UTC−6 (no Daylight saving time) Lloydminster and vicinity: UTC−7 and does observe DST
  • House Seats: 14
  • Senate Seats: 6
  • ISO Code: CA-SK
  • Website: www.gov.sk.ca[4]


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Symbols - show another

Symbol Image Adopted
Flower Western red lily
Lilium philadelphicum var. andinum
Flower: Western red lily
Bird Sharp-tailed Grouse
Pedioectes phasianellus jamesi
Bird: Sharp-tailed Grouse
Tree Paper Birch
Betula papyrifera
Tree: Paper Birch
Grass Needle-and-thread grass
Hesperostipa comata
Animal White-tailed deer
Odocoileus virginianus
Animal: White-tailed Deer
Mineral Potash
Mineral: Potash
Sport Curling
Curling rock
Motto Multis e gentibus vires
("From many peoples, strength")
Provincial symbol Sheaf of wheat 1977[8]
Coat of arms Coat of Arms of Saskatchewan 1906[9]
Flag Flag of Saskatchewan
Flag of Saskatchewan
Shield of Arms Shield of Arms of Saskatchewan
Shield of Arms of Saskatchewan
August 25, 1906[11]


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Coordinates: 54°N 105°W / 54°N 105°W / 54; -105