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Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/1

German prostitute
Ball gag1.jpg
Clear harness with purple dildo 01.jpg
Sada Abe.jpg

 • ... that because of an effort to curb the spread of STDs, prostitution in Germany has been legal since the 1920s? (German prostitute pictured)
 • ... that some people in the BDSM community are sexually aroused by being gagged? (ball gag pictured)
 • ... that a strap-on dildo (pictured) may be used by heterosexual couples for the sexual practice of pegging?
 • ... that the Exotic World Burlesque Museum is located on the site of an abandoned goat farm?
 • ... that the story of Sada Abe (pictured), a woman who cut off her dead lover's genitals and carried them around with her for days, is one of Japan's most notorious scandals?


Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/2

Museum of Sex entrance from west.jpg
Luigi Ponelato, Il cicisbeo, etching, 1790
Rosemarie Nitribitt grave

January-June 2006

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/3

The Washington Court Building in Seattle, former site of Lou Graham's brothel.
Monument to Mother Featherlegs near Lusk, Wyoming

July-December 2006

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/4

Elizabeth Needham (right foreground) as portrayed in William Hogarth's A Harlot's Progress
Kim Il Sung Portrait-2.jpg

January - March 2007

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/5

William Hogarth 008.jpg

April - July 2007

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/6

Au Salon de la rue des Moulins, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Nicolas Chorier Académie des Dames.jpg
Catherine Grand
Shuvalov Painter erotic scene Antikensammlung Berlin F2414 full.jpg

 • ... that the French lawyer and historian Nicolas Chorier was also a writer of erotic fiction (work pictured)?
 • ... that Charles de Talleyrand described his wife, Catherine Grand (pictured), as "an Indian, very beautiful, very lazy, the most idle woman he had ever known"?
 • ... that before becoming King of the United Kingdom, Edward VII was a frequent visitor to the luxurious Belle Époque brothel Le Chabanais in Paris and had himself built a special "love seat" there? (painting of Le Chabanais by Toulouse-Lautrec pictured)
 • ... that some birds, including flamingos, display homosexual behavior?
 • ... that more than 200 species of mammals display homosexual behavior including oral sex, genital stimulation, and urolagnia?
 • ... that the erotic depiction on the Oinochoe (pictured) by the Shuvalov Painter is one of the most frequently illustrated works of Greek vase painting?

August - December 2007

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/7

January - June 2008

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/8

July - December 2008

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/9

Pandharpur temple

January - July 2009

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/10


August - December 2009

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/11

Boxer codex.jpg

January - February 2010

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/12

Ipswich murders memorial.jpg

March - August 2010

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/13

James Cantor at UoT 2010 flipped.JPG

September - December 2010

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/14

Dan Savage Provided.jpg

January - June 2011

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/15

Sigurður Hjartarson
Rihanna in early 2012

July - December 2011

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/16

Ayu Utami
A Free Ride (1915) still 2.png

January/February 2012

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/17

Nudes-A-Poppin oil wrestling contestant

March/April 2012

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/18

Statue at Haesindang Park
Two women wearing Chonga style clothes and accessories.

May - December 2012

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/19

Hooch maids at work.jpg
Fanny Murray

January - March 2013

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/20


April - December 2013

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/21

Nyai from Sjair Njaie Dasima.jpg

January - June 2014

Portal:Sexuality/Did you know/22

  • ... that the popular Thai teen drama Hormones: The Series courted controversy for scenes featuring students attempting to have sex in a school classroom?
  • ... that the Australian hit song "Polyester Girl" is about a man "pledging fidelity to a sex doll"?

July/August 2014

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