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Solar System


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  • Identify spaceflight-related articles without banners (a list of articles using deprecated banners can be found here).
  • Assist with the merger between Portal:Spaceflight and Portal:Human spaceflight.
  • Locate images on en-WP and Commons with unidentified spacecraft on them and either identify the spacecraft or add {{Spacecraft missing information}} to them.
  • Assist with the effort to recruit new editors.


Project Active Members Assess Active
Astronomy 124 Yes Yes
Astronomical objects 115 Yes Yes
Constellations (TF) 4 No No
Eclipses 4 Yes Yes
Solar System 67 (unverified) Yes Yes
Jupiter (TF) 6 Yes Yes
Mars 18 Yes Yes
Moon 16 Yes Yes

Astronomy, Solar System and Astronomical objects member numbers require verifying,
other member counts and activity statuses are correct as of 24 July 2014.

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