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Solar System


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  • Identify spaceflight-related articles without banners (a list of articles using deprecated banners can be found here).
  • Assist with the merger between Portal:Spaceflight and Portal:Human spaceflight.
  • Locate images on en-WP and Commons with unidentified spacecraft on them and either identify the spacecraft or add {{Spacecraft missing information}} to them.
  • Assist with the effort to recruit new editors.


Project Active Members Assess Active
Astronomy 97 Yes Yes
Astronomical objects 23 No Yes
Constellations (TF) 5 No No
Cosmology Yes Yes
Eclipses 4 Yes No
Solar System 30 Yes No
Jupiter (TF) 2 No No
Mars 7 Yes No
Moon 8 Yes No
Spaceflight 79 Yes Yes
Space stations (TF) 1 No No
Timeline of spaceflight (TF) 8 No No
Adopt an astronaut (TF) 2 No Yes

Member counts and activity statuses are correct as of April 3, 2017.

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