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Tamil Nadu About this sound pronunciation  (Tamil: தமிழ் நாடு, "Land of the Tamils"; Tamil pronunciation: [t̪əmɪl naːɖʊ]) is a state at the southern tip of India. The bordering states/territories are Puducherry along the Eastern border, Kerala along West, Karnataka along North West and Andhra Pradesh in the north. The island nation of Sri Lanka, which has a significant Tamil minority, lies off the southeast coast. With a population of around 6.21 crore (62.1 million), the state has the largest urban agglomeration nationwide and is the second most industrialized state in India and Tamil Nadu ranks second nationwide of all State governments in tax revenues.
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Batu Caves temple built by Tamil Malaysians in circa 1880s

The Tamil people are an ethnic group from South Asia with a recorded history going back almost two millennia. The oldest Tamil communities are those of southern India and north-eastern Sri Lanka. Unlike many ethnic groups, the Tamils have at no time been governed by a single political entity; Tamil̲akam, the traditional name for the Tamil lands, has always been under the rule of more than one kingdom or state. Despite this, the Tamil cultural identity has always been strong. Historically, this identity has been primarily linguistic, with Tamils being those whose first language was Tamil. In recent times, however, the definition has been broadened to include emigrants of Tamil descent who maintain Tamil traditions, even when they no longer speak the language. Tamils are ethnically, linguistically and culturally related to the other Dravidian peoples of South Asia. There are an estimated 74 million Tamils around the world. (more...)

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The bell tower in the Raja's palace, Thanjavur
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  • December 23: Vaiko delivers a literary Tamil speech on Ponniyin Selvan at the Delhi Tamil sangam(Hindu)
  • December 22: Toll rises to 49 in Tamilnadu rain(Hindu)
  • December 12:Dr. Ramadoss of PMK accuses the Tamilnadu Electricity board of becoming defunct. BBC tamil)
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edit "valluvar thannai ulaginukke thandhu vaanpugazh konda thamizhnadu"--bharatiyar.

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