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Tennis is a sport played between either two players (singles) or two teams of two players each (doubles). Players use a stringed racquet to strike a ball, a hollow rubber sphere covered in felt, over a net into the opponent's court. Tennis used to be called lawn tennis to distinguish it from its predecessor real tennis (also known as royal tennis, court tennis or jeu de paume), a form of the game played indoors on a different kind of a court. Originating in England in the late 19th century, the game spread first throughout the English-speaking world, particularly among the upper classes. Tennis is played in the Summer Olympic Games and at all levels of society, by individuals of all ages many countries around the world. Its rules have remained largely unchanged since the 1890s. Along with its millions of players, tennis claims millions of people who follow the sport as spectators, being particularly interested in the four Grand Slam tournaments.

Upcoming tournaments in July

Week Month Tour Points Tournament Surface Town Country Continent
28 July ATP 250 Hall of Fame Tennis Championships Grass Newport United States North America
28 July ATP 250 Swedish Open Clay Båstad Sweden Europe
28 July ATP 500 German Open Hamburg Clay Hamburg Germany Europe
28 July WTA 270 Bucharest Open Clay Bucharest Romania Europe
29 July ATP 500 Washington Classic Hard Washington, D.C. United States North America
29 July ATP 250 Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad Clay Gstaad Switzerland Europe
29 July ATP 250 Austrian Open Clay Kitzbühel Austria Europe
29 July ATP 250 Croatia Open Umag Clay Umag Croatia Europe

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Radio Wimbledon is the official radio station to the annual Wimbledon Tennis Championships at the AELTC in Wimbledon. It broadcasts daily on 87.7FM between 8am and approximately 10pm during the Championships at Wimbledon. Broadcast from specially designed studios near the Press Centre at the AELTC, it is available in an area approximately within a 5 mile radius of the AELTC under a Restricted Service Licence, as well as online through

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Gottfried von Cramm (left) and C. S. Rogers of Ireland in 1932
In 1932, Gottfried von Cramm earned a berth as a Davis Cup competitor for his country and immediately won the first of four straight German national championships. During this time he also teamed up with Hilde Krahwinkel to win the 1933 Mixed Doubles title at Wimbledon. Noted for his gentlemanly conduct and fair play, he gained the admiration and respect of his fellow tennis players. He earned his first individual Grand Slam title in 1934, winning the French Open. His victory made him a national hero in his native Germany; however, it was by chance that he did so just after Adolf Hitler had come to power. The handsome, blond Gottfried von Cramm fit perfectly the Aryan race image of a Nazi ideology that put pressure on all German athletes to be superior. However, von Cramm steadfastly refused to be a tool for Nazi propaganda. Germany effectively lost its 1935 Davis Cup Interzone Final against the US, when von Cramm refused to take match point in the deciding game, by notifying the umpire that the ball had tipped his racket, and thus calling a point against himself, though no one had witnessed the error.

For three straight years he was the men's singles runner-up at the Wimbledon Championships, losing memorable matches in the finals to England's Fred Perry in 1935 and again in 1936. The following year he lost in the finals to American Don Budge both at Wimbledon and at the U.S. National Championships. In 1935, he was beaten in the French Open finals by Perry but turned the tables the following year and defeated Perry for his second French championship. In an attempt to get von Cramm on side, the Nazi regime punished his insubordination by not allowing him to compete in the 1937 French championship even though he was the defending champion.

Despite his Grand Slam play, Gottfried von Cramm is most remembered for his match against Don Budge during the 1937 Davis Cup. He was ahead 4–1 in the final set, when Budge launched a comeback, eventually winning 8–6 in a match considered by many as the greatest battle in the annals of Davis Cup play and one of the pre-eminent matches in all of tennis history. In a later interview, Budge said that von Cramm had received a phone call from Hitler minutes before the match started and came out pale and serious and had played each point as though his life depended on winning.

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Hoad Rosewall Wimbledon.jpg Australian tennis players Lew Hoad (left) and Ken Rosewall (right) playing a doubles match at the Wimbledon Championships.


  • 5 June 2016 – Novak Djokovic wins the 12th Grand Slam title of his career and achieves a Career Grand slam by defeating world No. 2 Andy Murray in the 2016 French Open in four sets, 3–6, 6–1, 6–2, 6–4. Djokovic became the 8th player in history and 4th player in open era (since 1968) to complete a Career Grand Slam, and the second player in the open era to hold all four Grand Slam titles at the same time.

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