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Selected pictures list

Portal:Tokyo/Selected picture/1

Tōkyū Tōyoko Line platforms
Credit: Joi

2.4 million passengers passed through Shibuya Station on an average weekday in 2004. It is the third-busiest commuter rail station in Tokyo. The platforms pictured here service the Tōkyū Tōyoko Line.


Portal:Tokyo/Selected picture/2

Asakusa skyline
Credit: Bobak

The skyline of Akasaka, a district of Tokyo located in Minato ward.


Portal:Tokyo/Selected picture/3

Tokyo Tower in the skyline
Credit: Morio

The 332.6-meter-tall (1,091 ft) Tokyo Tower in Shiba Park dominates Minato's skyline.


Portal:Tokyo/Selected picture/4

Ginza, c.1904
Credit: Underwood & Underwood

Looking north down a street in Ginza, the most important thoroughfare in Tokyo, Japan, c.1904.


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