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February 2017[edit]

Bucharest Metro trains at Piata Victoriei station in 2009
BLF membership card of 1878
The tracks and platforms at Bromley-by-Bow station in 2008
Broad gauge Great Western Railway locomotives awaiting scrapping in 1892
A train loaded with bombs being transported out of No. 21 Maintenance Unit at Fauld
A streetcar in Vancouver in 1906
Bristol & Exeter Railway number 2002 in 1876 or 1877
The first trainset built for Brightline being hauled by a diesel locomotive for delivery to Florida in December 2016
  • ...that when Brightline opens in mid-2017, it will be the first time a privately owned company in the United States has developed and operated an express passenger rail system since 1983?
Brighthope Railway locomotive "Winterpock" in 1883
Calvin S. Brice
Class 1800 number 1805 in 2009
Construction of the Royal Albert Bridge under the direction of Brereton
  • ...that after Brunel's death, Robert Pearson Brereton took over his role as chief engineer for many railway companies, running his business from Brunel's old office in London, while Brunel's widow Mary continued to reside in the rooms above?
The tracks and platforms at Bradford Forster Square railway station in 2005
Oliver Cromwell pulls an excursion train in 2009
The western portal of Box Tunnel in 2007
The Bowie Railroad Buildings while still in operation in 1977
A preserved tram with a bow collector in Germany in 2005
  • ...that unlike many trolley poles used for current collection on trams, the bow collector developed by Siemens in the late 19th century did not normally have a revolving base but was rather fixed centrally to the tramcar roof?
Boston and Maine Railroad #1, an FM P-12-42, at Boston Engine Terminal circa 1960
Construction equipment at the Boßler Tunnel western portal in December 2016
Bilevel cars of NJ Transit manufactured by Bombardier
The Bochum-Dahlhausen freight yard and locomotive depot in 1975
A Metro Rail Blue Line train approaches Slauson station in 2011
Lafayette Street platform in 2013
Two double-deck trams on the Blackpool tram network in 2006
Engen station on the Black Forest Railway circa 1900