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January 2007[edit]

Class 403 train
The locomotive "Ampere" built by Leo Daft
Sign marking the current location of the Innocent Railway
Berlin Alexanderplatz railway station surface line platforms
G bullet sign
The Disneyland Monorail above the submarine lagoon in 2005
  • ...that when it was built in 1959, every mile of track on the Disneyland Monorail cost more than one million dollars?
München Olympiastadion station in 2006
DL-26 on Jhushan line, Alishan Forest Railway
Berlin Lichtenberg station facade
A bipolar locomotive in 1922
The WAGR logo on equipment at the Western Australian Rail Transport Museum
Pacific Central Station
AEM-7AC 939 at BWI Rail Station on July 16, 2003.
Two Kirnitzsch Valley Railway cars
"Mind The Gap" sign in the tube station at Charing Cross, London
RT-23 ICBM railroad-based complex in Saint Petersburg railrway museum
Jerusalem Malha station
Ferrovia Circumetnea at Randazzo station
William Huskisson
Aerotrain at the Museum of Transportation
West Coast Railway diesel-electric locomotive
Entrance to a Buenos Aires Metro station
An engraving of Blücher
Disneyland Railroad locomotive number 2, E.P. Ripley
The catch points at the eastern end of Stoke Gifford rail yard in Wales
  • ...that catch points are sometimes used to prevent runaway railroad cars from rolling onto the main line by purposely derailing the cars?
Aerotrain prototype #02 designed by Jean Bertin
Super White Arrow train in 2002