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October 2010[edit]

A Tangara train heads for Bondi Junction through the abandoned Woollahra station in 2007
Preserved steam locomotive on the Museumsbahn Schönheide in 2002
The West Side Yard west of Penn Station with Madison Square Gardens in the background in 2009
Waterford and Tramore Railway map as of 1872
  • ...that despite having a section of line just outside Waterford run over deep bogland covered in bulrushes, construction of the 7.25-mile (11.67 km) long Waterford and Tramore Railway, the only line in Ireland that did not connect to any others, was completed in seven months?
Bad Bubendorf station on the Waldenburgerbahn in 2003
Victorian Railways W type carriage 61BW in 2008 as preserved by Steamrail Victoria
  • ...that the W type carriages used in[Australia were originally built to fill an operational hole after Victorian Railways converted the central part of their network to electric traction and subsequently converted a large number of 'Swing Door' rollingstock to electric traction?
The restored Villa Avenue station in 2007
A Delhi Metro train at Yamuna Bank station in 2010
  • ...that the Delhi Metro's Violet Line was originally scheduled to be opened in March 2010, but two construction accidents on consecutive days in July 2009 pushed back the line's opening until October 3, 2010?
A power car and coach from the V150 on display after the record setting run in 2007
  • ...that before the 574.8-kilometre-per-hour (357.2 mph) record setting run of the V150 on April 3, 2007, in France, a section of track on the LGV Est was prepared by increasing its superelevation, the catenary voltage was increased to 31 kV from the standard 25 kV and mechanical tension in the wire was increased to 40 kN from the standard 25 kN?
Two EF63 class locomotives operating as helpers on Usui Pass in 1997
United Streetcar's prototype streetcar at its unveiling in 2009
An Ultra Low Floor tram in Vienna, Austria, in 2003
  • ...that in contrast to other low-floor trams, the floor in the interior of an Ultra Low Floor tram is at sidewalk height (about 18 cm or 7.1 in above the road surface), which makes access to trams easy for passengers in wheelchairs or with baby carriages?
Mehringdamm station platforms in 2004
  • ...that line U7 of the Berlin U-Bahn was originally the south-eastern branch of the Nord-Süd-Bahn (U6) that ran between the branching point at Belle-Alliance-Straße (Mehringdamm) and Grenzallee, but in the 1960s, this stretch was separated from the rest of the line and extended at each end to form a new line?
The only known photograph of the Turku tram being pulled by a horse
  • ...that the Turku tram, which originally opened in 1890 using horsecars, closed in 1972 and now being considered as a candidate for a new light rail system, was the first tram system in Finland?
A TX-2000 series train in test runs on the Tsukuba Express line before it opened in 2005
Steam and streamliner at the Museum of Transportation
Totnes Littlehempston railway station platforms in 2002
VR type Edfs (InterCity 2) double-deck carriage in 2006 built at Otanmäki by Talgo Oy (now Transtech Oy)
  • ...that Transtech Oy, Finland's major domestic manufacturer of railway rolling stock, including the InterCity 2 double-deck carriages now in service with VR (Finnish Railways), specialises in building railway vehicles for extreme climatic conditions?
Cable cars at Melbourne's Town Hall in 1910
SP 4460 on display at the Museum of Transportation
A diesel multiple unit crosses Ribblehead Viaduct on the Settle-Carlilse line in 1986
  • ...that during construction of its northern England Settle–Carlisle line, a task that involved the employment of over 6,000 navvies who lived in camps in remote locations and harsh conditions, the Midland Railway helped pay for scripture readers to counteract the effect of drunken violence in these isolated communities?
The Tünel at Galata station in 2006
A "Portram" car, introduced on the conversion to light rail
Bhopal Express sleeper coach
Earlestown station buildings viewed from platform 1
Aerial view of Dresden Hauptbahnhof in 2006
Preserved W.A.G.R. 'P' class 4-6-2 locomotive number 508 at the Bassendean Rail Transport Museum in Western Australia in 2007
A track circuit interrupter
Tower Hill station in 2010
  • ...that Tower Hill, a former station on the abandoned North Shore Branch of the Staten Island Railway in New York City, is one of the few stations along the North Shore line still standing as of 2010?
Tōzai Line 07 series set at Fukukawa Depot, January 2007
  • ...that Tokyo Metro 07 series trains were originally delivered with a two-handle control system, but the four trains transferred to the Tōzai Line were modified with a single-handle (left-hand) system?
The restored Hartington signal box in 2002