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October 2013[edit]

A postcard showing the Ozark State Zephyr at an unspecified date in the 1930s
An Odakyu 7000 series LSE in its new original livery on a Hakone service in February 2012
  • ...that in the mid-1990s, all four of the Odakyu Electric Railway 7000 series LSE trains introduced in 1980 on Hakone, Super Hakone and Sagami Romancecar passenger train services in Japan were refurbished and repainted into a new livery of wine red and white but by 2012 the two trains remaining in service had been repainted back to their original orange vermilion, grey, and white livery?
An NRE 3GS21B owned by Union Pacific Railroad in 2007
A Hankyu Railway 5200 Series train at the diamond crossings at Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station in 1980
Four BR Mark 2 coaches with DC4409 on a test run at Masterton in 2008
The two tracks on the right are part of the former Nanpō Freight Line at Ōdaka Station in 2007
  • ...that by 1975, after about ¥34.5 billion had been spent, construction of the Nanpō Freight Line in Japan was 90% complete when construction was suspended, but since 2002 about ¥30 billion has been spent removing portions of the unused line's structure?
The platforms and tracks of Ise-Nakagawa Station in 2006
A Mumbai Monorail station under construction in Chembur in 2012
Trains at Miyoshi station in 2008
  • ...that Miyoshi Station in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, now one of the major central region stations in the Chūgoku region of the island of Honshū, was known for a long time as (Bingo) Tōkaichi Station, a name that was derived from the former Tōkaichi-chō, which is found between the former Miyoshi-chō and Futago-chō?
The exterior of the Milwaukee Road's Tideflats station in Tacoma, Washington, in 1954
A D1 class tram on route 5 at The Arts Centre in 2007
Lots Road Power station in a poster from 1910
A train at Limerick Junction in 2003
The temporary end of track on the Lackawanna Cut-off in 2012
"Ushiwaka III", Kurama Cable funicular car in 2007
An express train making a stop at Komaba-Tōdaimae Station in 2006
A KTR001 class DMU of the Kitakinki Tango Railway in 2006
Brettell Lane station in 1962