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Hurricane Irene shortly before peaking

Hurricane Irene was a long-lived Cape Verde-type hurricane during the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. The August storm formed near the Cape Verde Islands and crossed the Atlantic, looping around Bermuda before becoming extratropical southeast of Newfoundland. Irene survived for 14 days as a tropical system, the longest surviving of any storm of the 2005 season. It was the ninth named storm and third hurricane of that record-breaking season.

Irene proved to be a difficult storm to forecast and oscillated in strength. After almost dissipating on August 10, Irene peaked as a Category 2 hurricane on August 16 before being absorbed by a larger extratropical system late on August 18. Although there were fears of a landfall in the United States due to uncertainty in predicting the storm's track, Hurricane Irene never approached land and caused no recorded damage.

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