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Selected picture

UN peacekeeper in Sarajevo
A UN peacekeeper from Norway holds his helmet as a Hercules C-130 transport plane lands at Sarajevo airport in the summer of 1992 during the Bosnian War.

Photo credit: Mikhail Evstafiev

Warren Austin at the Security Council
At the UN Security Council in September 1951, Warren Austin, the United States delegate, holds a Soviet-made submachine gun captured by American troops in July of the previous year. He charged that the Soviet Union was delivering arms to North Korea, at the time of the Korean War.

Photo credit: United States Information Agency

Colin Powell
At the UN Security Council in February 2003, Colin Powell, then United States Secretary of State, holds up a model vial of anthrax, while arguing that Iraq is likely to possess Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Photo credit: United States Government

Food aid in Kenya
C-130 Hercules planes waiting to deliver food aid in Lokichogio Airport, Kenya, as part of the United Nations World Food Programme, in 2004. The airstrip had recently been cleared of unexploded ordnance, enabling food, clothing and medicine deliveries to be dramatically increased.

Photo credit: Matt Murphy, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, United States Department of State

Peacekeepers in Eritrea
United Nations peacekeepers monitoring the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Photo credit: Dawit Rezenè, World66

Refugee camp in Zaire
Rwandan refugees making camp in Kimbumba, Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), in 1994 following the Rwandan Genocide.

Photo credit: United States Federal Government

The 62nd General Assembly
President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, gives the inaugural speech at the 62nd General Assembly of the United Nations in 2007.

Photo credit: United States Federal Government

UN bombing victims
At Baghdad International Airport in 2003, cases containing the bodies of victims of a truck bombing of the UN Office of Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, and draped in the UN flag, are carried onto an aircraft to be airlifted to their respective home countries.

Photo credit: United States Federal Government

Vienna International Centre
The Vienna International Centre is the campus and building complex hosting the United Nations Office at Vienna.

Photo credit: BambooBeast

The UN flag in New York
The flag of the United Nations flying outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Photo credit: Sam Moorhouse

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