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University of the Arctic

The University of the Arctic (UArctic) is an international cooperative network based in the Circumpolar Arctic region, consisting of universities, colleges, and other organizations with an interest in promoting education and research in the Arctic region.

UArctic was launched on June 12, 2001, endorsed by the Arctic Council and in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the Rovaniemi Process and the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy.

The overall goal of the University of the Arctic is to create a strong, sustainable Circumpolar Arctic region by empowering indigenous peoples and other northerners through education, mobility and shared knowledge.

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The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) is a small, research-intensive university whose main campus is in Prince George, British Columbia. UNBC also has regional campuses in the northern British Columbia cities of Prince Rupert, Terrace, Quesnel, and Fort St. John. Nearly 4200 students were enrolled at UNBC in the 2005-2006 academic year...

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Lars Levi Læstadius' (October 1, 1800 - February 21, 1861) was a Swedish-Sámi Lutheran pastor. From the mid 1840s and onward he became the leader of the Laestadian movement. He was also an author, teetotaller and botanist; and gathered extensive information on pre-Christian Sámi mythology.

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  • The University of Alberta (image) hosts a centenary event 6-7 February 2009, featuring the world premiere of the movie Inuit Odyssey.[1]

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Amga River, Sakha Republic (Russia)

Did you know?

...that the capital of the Nunavut Territory in Canada is Iqaluit?

...that last year, Greenland voted to become a separate state within the Kingdom of Denmark, effective from June 2009?

...that the only area that still officially bears the name of Lapland is in Finland?

...that the University of Akureyri is the home institution of 9% of Iceland's students?

...that the Sámi University College in Norway has students from all four states covered by Sápmi (area)?

...that the Pomor Humanitarian University of Arkhangelsk is named after the region's own Mikhail Lomonosov, one of the most important academics of Russian history?

...that the Swedish Sámi Lars Levi Læstadius was not only a religious reformer but also a botanist and gatherer of Sámi pre-Christian folklore?

...that the University of Alaska Fairbanks is the flagship campus of the university system of Alaska, USA?

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  • As an eyewitness to the changing topography of the Arctic, I was stunned to see the rapid repercussions of global warming for the region, its wildlife habitat and indigenous cultures.

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Barrow point panorama.jpg
Barrow Point, Alaska (USA)

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