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Vancouver /vænˈkvər/ is a coastal city and major seaport located in the Lower Mainland of southwestern British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest city in British Columbia and the second largest metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest region. It is bounded by the Strait of Georgia, Burrard Inlet, the Fraser River, the city of Burnaby, and the University Endowment Lands. Vancouver is named after Captain George Vancouver, a British explorer. The name Vancouver itself originates from the Dutch "van Coevorden", denoting somebody from (in Dutch: "van") Coevorden, an old city in The Netherlands.

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Sky Train near Terminal

The SkyTrain is a two-line urban mass transit system in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It uses Bombardier's Advanced Rapid Transit technology, with fully automated trains running principally on elevated tracks (hence the name). There have been no derailments or collisions in its history.[1] It uses the same linear induction motor-driven trains as the Scarborough RT line in Toronto, the Kelana Jaya Line in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Detroit's People Mover, and the AirTrain JFK in New York City.

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The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage (formerly the Stanley Theatre) is a landmark theatre at 12th and Granville Street in Vancouver, British Columbia which serves as the main stage for the Arts Club Theatre Company. The Stanley first opened as a movie theatre in December 1930, and showed movies for over sixty years before falling revenues led to its closure in 1991. After years of threatened commercial redevelopment, the Stanley was renovated as a stage theatre in 1997–1998 and subsequently awarded status as a heritage building.

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Juno is a 2007 Canadian-American comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody. Ellen Page stars as the title character, an independent-minded teenager confronting an unplanned pregnancy and the subsequent events that put pressures of adult life onto her. Michael Cera, Olivia Thirlby, J.K. Simmons, Allison Janney, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman also star. Filming spanned from early February to March 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The film premiered on September 8 at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival, receiving a standing ovation.

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The X-Files is a Peabody, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning American cult science fiction television series, created by Chris Carter, which first aired in 1993 and ended in 2002. The show was a hit for the Fox network, and its characters and slogans (e.g., "The Truth Is Out There", "Trust No One", "I Want to Believe") became pop culture touchstones in the 1990s. Seen as a defining series of its era, The X-Files tapped into public mistrust of governments and large institutions, and embraced conspiracy theories and spirituality, as it centered on efforts to uncover the existence of extraterrestrial life.[2][3] The series has also spawned two theatrical movies (The X-Files and I Want To Believe), and a spin-off series (The Lone Gunmen).

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Stanley Park is a 404.9 hectare (1,000 acre) urban park bordering downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was opened in 1888 by Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor-General of Canada.[4] It is the largest city-operated park in Canada and the third largest in North America. It is more than 10% larger than New York City's Central Park and almost half the size of London's Richmond Park.[5] The park attracts an estimated eight million visitors every year,[6] including locals and tourists, who come for its recreational facilities and its natural attributes. The Project for Public Spaces has ranked Stanley Park as the sixteenth best park in the world and sixth best in North America.[7]

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TELUS World of Science, Vancouver is a science centre run by a non-profit organization in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is located at the end of False Creek, and features many permanent interactive exhibits and displays, as well as areas with varying topics throughout the years.

The building's former name was Science World, still the name of the organization. The building's name change to the TELUS World of Science became official on July 20, 2005 following a $9-million donation to the museum from Telus.[8] The official name of the science centre was subsequently changed to "TELUS World of Science", although it is still routinely referred to as "Science World" by the public.

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Showcase Article Archive[edit]

Image Article Introduced Version Posted Showcase Month
City of Vancouver
Featured Star Vancouver November 23, 2001 November 22, 2006
November 2006
Richmond Coat of Arms
Richmond, British Columbia January 22, 2003 November 27, 2006
December 2006
Vancouver SkyBridge
SkyBridge October 22, 2002 December 24, 2006
January 2007
4 Stanley Park August 9, 2003 February 5, 2007
February 2007
Vancouver Canucks Logo
Vancouver Canucks August 18, 2002 February 28, 2007
March 2007
6 Science World at TELUS World of Science June 29, 2005 March 20, 2007
April 2007
7 No article selected
May 2007
Vancouver SkyTrain Station
Featured Star SkyTrain (Vancouver) October 22, 2002 June 26, 2007
June 2007 / July 2007
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