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The following quotations are currently featured as the Selected quotation at the Viruses Portal. To suggest a quotation for inclusion, use the suggestions page

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/1

Donald McNeil on the campaign to eradicate polio

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/2

Peter Medawar

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/3

James Lovelock

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/4

Félix d'Herelle on the discovery of bacteriophages

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/5

E. O. Wilson

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/6

Lewis Thomas

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/7

Alison Jolly

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/8

Carl Zimmer

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/9

Carl Zimmer

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/10

Michael Kirby on the cost of antiviral drugs

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/11

Frank Macfarlane Burnet

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/12

André Lwoff

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/13

Hiroyuki Ogata & Jean-Michel Claverie on the relationship between Sputnik virophage and mimivirus

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/14

Ed Rybicki

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/15

Portal:Viruses/Selected quotation/15