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January 18[edit]

1978: A subtropical storm formed in the central North Atlantic Ocean. It one of only four known tropical or subtropical cyclones to form in the North Atlantic in the month of January.

1993: An avalanche killed 59 people in Bayburt Province in northeastern Turkey.

January 19[edit]

1995: A helicopter crashed in the North Sea after being struck by lightning. Despite the high seas and stormy weather, all 18 passengers and crew were rescued.

2007: European windstorm Kyrill moved over the Baltic Sea towards northern Russia, after leaving a path of destruction from winds greater than 200 kilometers per hour (120 mph) across northern Europe. At least 44 people were killed.

2008: The Pacific Star, a cruise ship based out of New Zealand, ran into large waves caused by Cyclone Funa, suffering significant damage and several injuries to passengers.

January 20[edit]

1910: The Seine river overflowed its banks, marking the beginning of the Great Flood of Paris.

2005: A two day storm began that would drop 1–3 feet (30–90 cm) of snow over parts of New England.

January 21[edit]

1918: The Mackay cyclone leveled the city of Mackay, Queensland.

2009: In the early morning, Cyclone Fanele struck the east coast of Madagascar, killing 10 people.

January 24[edit]

1967: A rare winter tornado outbreak affected the area around Saint Louis, Missouri, killing 3 people. The next day, thunderstorms produced sleet, freezing rain, and snow in the same areas.

2009: European windstorm Klaus made landfall near Bordeaux, France, with wind gusts of up to 200 kilometers per hour (120 mph).