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April 1[edit]

1960: TIROS-1, considered to be the first successful weather satellite, was launched.

April 2[edit]

1936: A cluster of tornadoes killed at least 44 people in the Southeastern United States, beginning one of the deadliest tornado weeks in history.

April 3[edit]

1974: The Super Outbreak, arguably the most severe tornado outbreak in world history, spawned 148 tornadoes, including 30 violent tornadoes, in the east-central United States and Windsor, Ontario, Canada. More than 300 people were killed, and $3.5 billion (2005 USD) in damage was reported.

April 4[edit]

2003: Cyclone Inigo reached its peak intensity of 900 millibars (26.58 inHg) north of Onslow, Western Australia, tying it for the most intense tropical cyclone on record in the Australian tropical cyclone region.

April 5[edit]

1815: Mount Tambora began the largest volcanic eruption in modern history, eventually causing the Year Without a Summer.

April 6[edit]

1936: A violent tornado struck the town of Gainesville, Georgia, killing more than 200 people. This was the day after another tornado in Tupelo, Mississippi also killed more than 200 people.