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September 25[edit]

1846: Wladimir Köppen, developer of the Köppen climate classification system, was born in Russia.

1939: A tropical storm struck central far-southern California, one of only two tropical cyclones to do so. As many as 93 people were killed.

1997: Hurricane Nora struck central Baja California.

September 26[edit]

1881: The first and deadliest recorded tornado in Japanese history killed 16 people in Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture.

1985: Hurricane Gloria paralleled the East Coast of the United States, causing $2 billion (2006 USD) in damage.

September 27[edit]

1991: Typhoon Mireille struck southern Japan, causing several billion dollars in damage.

September 28[edit]

1955: Hurricane Janet, one of the strongest tropical cyclones to make landfall in recorded history, struck Belize (then known as British Honduras) as a category 5 storm, killing almost 700 people.

September 29[edit]

1915: A major hurricane struck the New Orleans area, killing almost 300 people.

2003: Hurricane Juan hit Halifax, Nova Scotia, the strongest storm to strike the area in over 100 years.

September 30[edit]

1966: Hurricane Inez, which killed more than 1000 people across several Caribbean islands, made landfall at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

2006: Record rainfall led to the collapse of the Gusau Dam in Zamfara, Nigeria, killing 40 people.

October 1[edit]

2015: Hurricane Joaquin, one of the worst hurricanes to hit the Bahamas on record, sunk the SS El Faro, killing 33 crew aboard.