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November 14[edit]

1969: The Saturn V rocket carrying the Apollo 12 mission into space was struck by lightning, nearly causing a mission abort.??????

November 15: Start of the South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season[edit]

1989: Dozens were killed in a severe weather outbreak across the eastern half of North America, mainly in the Southeastern and Northeastern United States.

2006: Hurricane Sergio, the strongest Pacific hurricane on record in the month of November, reached its peak intensity, with maximum sustained winds of 110 miles per hour (180 km/h).

November 17[edit]

1999: Hurricane Lenny made landfall on Saint Croix. It was an unusual storm in many ways, striking the island as the strongest Atlantic hurricane on record for the month of November, while moving in an unprecedented west-to-east direction through the Caribbean Sea.

November 19[edit]

1421: St. Elizabeth's flood killed 2,000 or more people in the present-day Netherlands.

1912: Robert Simpson, former director of the National Hurricane Center and co-inventor of the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale, was born in Corpus Christi, Texas.

November 20[edit]

1996: Hurricane Marco, the longest-lived tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean in November, reached its peak intensity while meandering over the Caribbean Sea.

2007: Cyclone Guba reached peak intensity as it drifted near Papua New Guinea, causing flooding which would kill over 100 people.