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November 20[edit]

1996: Hurricane Marco, the longest-lived tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean in November, reached its peak intensity while meandering over the Caribbean Sea.

2007: Cyclone Guba reached peak intensity as it drifted near Papua New Guinea, causing flooding which would kill over 100 people.

November 21[edit]

1992: A three-day tornado outbreak began in the Southern United States, eventually producing six F4 tornadoes, two tornadoes with paths of more than 100 miles (161 km), and 26 deaths.

2006: The Late November 2006 nor'easter gave parts of Georgia and South Carolina their earliest snowfalls on record.

November 22[edit]

1970: Typhoon Patsy struck the coast of Vietnam, causing major damage and killing more than 200 people.

2016: Hurricane Otto became the latest-forming Atlantic hurricane on record.

November 24[edit]

1703: An intense European windstorm began to affect southern England and the English Channel. This storm or series of storms would last for more than a week, killing as many as 15,000 at sea.

1969: Hurricane Martha made landfall in the Veraguas Province of Panama, making it the only known tropical cyclone to directly hit the country.

1982: Hurricane Iwa, one of only two significant tropical cyclones to directly affect Hawaii, passed just northwest of Kauai.

November 25[edit]

1950: The Great Appalachian Storm of November 1950 brings heavy snow of up to 57 inches (145 cm) to areas in and near the Appalachian Mountains.

November 26[edit]

1898: A powerful storm system killed over 400 people and sank 150 ships over the next two days along the coast of New England.

2006: A large storm system began to drop heavy snow in the Pacific Northwest. Over the next five days it would cause heavy snow, ice storms, heavy rain, tornadoes and derechos over much of the United States and Canada.