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December 20[edit]

2006: The first of two blizzards within a 9-day period crippled the area around Denver, Colorado with up to 56 inches (142 cm) of snow.

December 22[edit]

2004: A major snowstorm started dropping as much as 29 inches (74 cm) of snow on the Ohio River Valley and Ontario.

December 24[edit]

1971: LANSA Flight 508 crashed in the Peruvian jungle en route to Lima after being struck by lightning. Incredibly, a 17-year-old girl survived a 2-mile (3.2 km) fall strapped to her seat, and walked 10 days to safety.

1984: Hurricane Lili, the longest-lived Atlantic hurricane on record in December, finally dissipated just north of Hispaniola.

December 25[edit]

1974: Cyclone Tracy, the smallest tropical cyclone ever recorded, completely destroyed Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, killing 71 people and causing more than $4 billion (AUD) in damage.

1994: The Christmas 1994 nor'easter caused high winds and coastal flooding along most of the east coast of the United States.

2004: A very strong winter storm produced an incredibly rare White Christmas for much of the south-central United States. In many areas, more snow accumulated in this storm than in all of previously recorded history.

December 26[edit]

2000: A tropical cyclone struck Sri Lanka, killing nine people.

2001: Tropical Storm Vamei formed only 1.4° (104 miles, 170 km) from the equator. This was the closest to the equator a tropical cyclone had ever formed. Tropical cyclones rarely approach the equator due to the lack of the Coriolis effect which typically powers their circulation.

2015: A tornado outbreak killed 12 people and caused major damage in northeastern Texas.