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In addition to Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation also runs several other projects which generate high quality content. This page gives links to content on Wikipedia's 'sister' sites and showcases one selected example of each type of content. You can click here to update the random content entries.


Lights by Sara Teasdale is a poem about simple love and familiarity as contrasted against the tired dissatisfaction of the masses.

When we come home at night and close the door,
 Standing together in the shadowy room,
 Safe in our own love and the gentle gloom,
Glad of familiar wall and chair and floor,

Glad to leave far below the clanging city;
 Looking far downward to the glaring street
 Gaudy with light, yet tired with many feet,
In both of us wells up a wordless pity;


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cant v
  1. To preach in a singsong fashion, especially in a false or empty manner.
  2. To set something at an angle or tilt from the vertical.
  3. (heraldry) To make a pun that references the bearer of a coat of arms.


FHSST Physics (download)
FHSST Physics is a Free High School Science Textbook on physics. It is part of a University of Cape Town project to supply free textbooks.


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Economic Classroom Experiments is a growing collection of lesson plans and ideas for games in the economics classroom. The experiments are suitable for both secondary and tertiary education. Economics teachers and others are welcome to add to the collection.


As I understand it, laws, commands, rules and edicts are for those who have not the light which makes plain the pathway. ~ Anne Hutchinson


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Nationalmuseum (the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts) in Stockholm in Sweden.
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