Portal de la 80 (TransMilenio)

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Portal de la 80

Portal La 80 Btá

Quirigua D
Location Calle 80 with
Avenida Longitudinal de Occidente (Carrera 96A)
Neighborhood Engativá
Opened December 17, 2000

The Portal de la 80 is one of the terminus stations of the TransMilenio mass-transit system of Bogotá, Colombia, opened in the year 2000.


The station is located in the north-west of the city, specifically at the intersection of Calle 80 with the future Avenida Longitudinal de Occidente (carrera 96A).


On December 17, 2000, Portal de la 80 was opened as the first terminus station on the TransMilenio.

It services the neighborhoods of Álamos Norte, Luis Carlos Galán, and Bochicha. It also serves as a juncture for 10 feeder routes and inter-city connections.

The station is located next to the large shopping center by the same name. Also in the area are a large park and Engativá Hospital.

80 portal tm
La 80 portal Btá 2
Portal 80

Station services[edit]

Old trunk services[edit]

Services rendered until April 29, 2006
Kind Routes Frequency
Current C01.png Every 3 minutes on average
Express Expreso 10 Expreso 20 Expreso 30 Expreso 40 Expreso 80 Expreso 90 Expreso 140 Every 2 minutes on average
Super Express Expreso 201 Expreso 301 Every 2 minutes on average
Express Dominical Expreso Dominical 15 Expreso Dominical 35 Every 3 or 4 minutes on average

Trunk services[edit]

Services rendered since April 27, 2015
Kind Routes to the North Routes to the South Routes to the East Routes to the West
Local 6
Expressed every day
all day
Express Monday to Saturday
all day
B10 H20 H21 J24
Express Monday to Friday
peak rush hour
Express Monday to Friday afternoon peak hour F62
Express on Sundays and holidays B94 J95
Routes that finish in this station
Easy route 6
Express every day
all day
Express Monday to Saturday
all day
D10 D20 D21 D70
Express Monday to Friday morning rush hour D50 D51
Express on Sundays and holidays D94 D95

Feeder routes[edit]

The station receives the following feeder routes:

  • Route 1.1 Álamos Norte loop
  • Route 1.2 Garcés Navas loop
  • Route 1.3 Villas de Granada loop
  • Route 1.4 El Cortijo loop
  • Route 1.5 Ciudadela Colsubsidio loop
  • Route 1.6 Bolivia Oriental loop
  • Route 1.7 Quirigua loop
  • Route 1.8 Calle 80
  • Route 1.9 Villas del Dorado loop
  • Route 1.10 Bolivia / Bochicha II loop

Intercity services[edit]

Portal de la 80 is also the juncture point for buses between neighboring municipalities, such as Chía, Mosquera, Madrid, and Facatativá.

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