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Pirate Party (Iceland)[edit]

Sorry that this message is probably in the wrong place, but I can't see where suggestions around articles within the scope of the Portal need to go. Anyway....the Pirate Party of Iceland (Piratar) is consistently polling way above all other parties in that country and has been for a year or more. Iceland is a particularly interesting country, as in it grew big banks which did crazy things, just as they did elsewhere, but they decided to let them all go bust, not like anywhere else. The banks were too big to prop up and not considered to be too big to fail. The next General Election will be held in 2017. All of this makes Iceland a phemonally interesting case, IMO, for those of us who are interested in politics and economics. Back to the article. It is currently rated low priority. Clearly this rating needs to change. Further, the article needs a major update, (1) for the same reason, and (2) because there is virtually nothing to it at the moment as far as policies ar concerned, for example. Also, you don't have to know Icelandic to do this work. :-) The info on their policies is all set out on their official website, English version. I'll probably have a go myself, but who knows, you might ge there before me. Thanks for reading (if you have! haha) Boscaswell talk 11:39, 25 February 2016 (UTC)