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Portalarium, Inc.
Industry Video game industry
Social networking
Predecessor Origin Systems
Destination Games
Founded 2009
Headquarters Austin, TX, United States
Key people
Richard Garriott, Starr Long
Website www.portalarium.com

Portalarium, Inc. is a video game developer based in Austin, Texas that was formed in September 2009[1] by Richard Garriott, together with his longtime game industry partners, Dallas Snell and Fred Schmidt[2]. Portalarium marks Richard Garriott's first return to the video game industry since the release of his 2007 title Tabula Rasa. The name "Portalarium", as well as the company's motto, "We take you there," are intended as a continuity and reference to Garriott's prior two companies' names and respective mottoes; Origin Systems, "We Create Worlds," and Destination Games, "We have arrived."[3]

The company initially released Port Casino and later Ultimate Collector: Garage Sale (now discontinued)[4] to test the backbone of its online infrastructures.

Their first major title in development, Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, is an MMORPG and spiritual successor to the Ultima series.[5][6] Garriott has stated that if had he been able to secure the rights to the Ultima intellectual property from Electronic Arts, that the game could in fact literally have become Ultima Online 2 in name.[7] Starr Long, who originally served as project director for Ultima Online at Origin, and represented the character of Lord Blackthorn in game, has joined the Portalarium team to work as executive producer for Shroud of the Avatar.[8][9]


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