Porter 'n' Dolly

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Porter 'n' Dolly
Studio album by Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton
Released May 1974
Recorded RCA's Studio "B", Nashville, 1973
Genre Country
Label RCA
Producer Bob Ferguson
Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton chronology
Love and Music
Porter 'n' Dolly
Say Forever You'll Be Mine

Porter 'n' Dolly is a duet album by Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton, released in March 1974. Though they'd each topped the U.S. country singles charts individually many times, "Please Don't Stop Loving Me", from this album, was their only duet hit to reach No. 1. Parton re-recorded "The Fire that Keeps You Warm" to include on her 1976 album All I Can Do. Parton also later re-recorded "Together You and I" for her 2011 album, Better Day.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Please Don't Stop Loving Me"
  2. "The Fire That Keeps You Warm"
  3. "Too Far Gone"
  4. "We'd Have To Be Crazy"
  5. "The Power of Love"
  6. "Sixteen Years"
  7. "Together You and I"
  8. "Without You"
  9. "Two"
  10. "Sounds of Nature"


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