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Porterville High School is located in Porterville, California.


1896: A High School was added to the elementary school of Porterville and located in the east room of the second story of the Morton Street School.

1905: The High School was transferred to a granite structure located between Belleview and Morton streets and facing E Street. Beginning about 1913/4, for commercial studies; at the west, for chemistry and physics, 1914/5; for a wood and mechanics shop, about 1915; at the northwest, 1918, for home economics with cafeteria; and across the street at the south, 1920, auto mechanics shop and bus garage.

1923: High School moved into the school "plant," erected on Olive Street adjoining J Street, in 1922, following the voting of the bonds in 1921 (after an unsuccessful attempt in 1920) -- which plant included the 350-foot (110 m) main building (shaped like a letter E with its back to the north); southeast of that gymnasium (which burned down and was rebuilt in 1933 with the addition of a basketball court; and south of the gym, a building for the shops (woodwork, ironwork, and auto-mechanics and for the agricultural classes; and south of the shops, at the care-taker's residence (the only wooden building, the others being reinforced concrete) which had been the home of the former owner Mr. A. Kennedy) of the 20-acre (81,000 m2) tract, across the south end of which was the athletic field. A water-pumping system was installed near the care-taker's residence.

1927: A Junior College was added to the High School, which necessitated the adding of two rooms to the main building in its west court in 1928. Other enlargements of this plant to date (March 1938)

1930: A building erected for the 11 busses which had been housed in the auto-mechanics department

1934: An athletic-field building for boys' showers and dressing rooms and equipment, and an iron fence around the athletic field.

1935: Two rooms for agriculture, built on the east side of the shop-building

1936: Two rooms for a hospital and for health education, added to the main building in its east court

1937: A music building, located on the east side near the athletic filed; two rooms for music had been added to the gym in 1926.

The Porterville District[edit]

1896-1910: Porterville High School was supported by the Porterville district of the elementary school system of the county, with the provision that students coming from outside that district may be charged a tuition fee.

1910-1927: Porterville Union High School, first a union because in 1910 the neighborhood near the old Indian Reservation did not withdraw from the high school when it set up the Reservation (now Alta-Vista) district separate from Porterville elementary School. From February 1920, the following districts were added to the union: Burton, Citrus-South Tule (united since 1920, South Tule having already annexed La Motte); Ducor (which since then took over Fountain Springs and part of Wheatland); Hope; Olive; Orange: pleasant View; Rockford; Vincent; and later in the same year, Springville (Now a union including Dennison—joining PHS in 1930 --, Mountain View, Mt. Whitney, North Tule, and Rural); Sausalito, in January 1921; Terra Bella in 1924 (Now a union including Deer Creek, Grand View Heights, and Zion and part of Wheatland); and Welcome, joining PUHS in May 1930. The Porterville Elementary District now consolidated: Worth in 1924, Vandalia in 1925, and Miles in 1932. These are the fifteen districts of the Porterville Union High School in 1938; but before so much consolidation they numbered some 24.

1927-1938: Porterville Union High School and Junior College, in which the addition of a junior College did not change the extent of the district but admitted junior college students from Strathmore, Lindsay, Exeter, and Tulare high schools, for which the county pays, chargeable to the districts, the overhead cost for the students (something over $100 per student).

Notable Alumni[edit]


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