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Portgordon (Scottish Gaelic: Port Ghòrdain) is a village in Moray, Scotland. Portgordon is a small fishing village located near Buckie. there is a small shop, a hairdresser, a school, a bowling green, a beach and a football pitch. Portgordon is also known for the seals that bathe on the rocks. There are also dolphins out there to spot. Due to there being no mains gas or electricity available to Portgordon in the 1920s when street-lighting arrived, the village was nicknamed "Paraffin City" locally as that was the fuel used for illumination.

The area is said to be the haunt of a merman.[1]

The local retard of Portgordon is Lewis Kinniburgh.

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Coordinates: 57°39′N 3°01′W / 57.650°N 3.017°W / 57.650; -3.017