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Portillo is a surname of Castilian origin, specifically San Vicente de la Barquera in Santander, Spain.

Portillo literally means "small port", from Latin portus[citation needed].

In the UK, the most famous bearer of this surname is Michael Portillo, a British politician and broadcaster of Spanish descent.


Currently in Spain there are 6,554 persons using Portillo as last name. It is the 725th most common surname in Spain.

Persons named Portillo in Spain by province:

City Where Portillo is Common By Region in Spain Persons Named Portillo
Málaga 127° 1 376
Guadalajara 264° 362
Sevilla 556° 696
Canarias 770° 366
Barcelona 1 327° 870
Baleares 1 384° 358
Madrid 1 646° 856

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