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Portland International Beerfest is a three-day beer festival held annually at the North Park Blocks in downtown Portland, Oregon.[1] The festival was founded in 2001 by Rick Carpenter.[2] The festival specializes in unique beers including Barley Wines, Imperial Stouts, Double IPAs, Barrel Aged Strong Ales, Farmhouse Saisons, and Sour Ales sourced from brewers worldwide.[3] The event also includes live music and local food trucks.[1]


The Portland International Beerfest (PIB) is an annual festival of beers in Portland, Oregon, and is a three-day long event held around late June and has a sister festival located in Seattle around the same time of year. The PIB is a beneficiary of Pet Cross, a federally registered charity. Each year the beer festivals donate roughly $20,000 to local area animal welfare groups in Portland and Seattle.[2][4] The PIB specializes in rare, hard-to-find, exotic beers from 16 countries, and also features unique and experimental pours from local breweries in the Pacific Northwest. Food is provided by local food trucks and there are activities and performances by local artists for entertainment.

Attending the Festival[edit]

The PIB is free entry for anyone aged 21 or older, and dogs are also welcome. In order to sample beers, attendees can purchase tickets online or at the door. These tickets can be reimbursed for samples, and all beers cost between 1 and 7 tickets. Visitors are also given a wristband and a four-ounce sampling cup, both of which are required for re-entry on any day of the festival.[5]


# Year Location Dates Notes
1 2001 North Park Blocks[6] 20-22 July[6] They hosted about 150 beers from everywhere except the United States.[6]
2 2002 Holladay Park[7] 12-14 July[7] Over 100 beers from more than 20 countries were provided, more than 20 Belgians on tap. Scotches, bourbons and cigars were available this year as well.[7]
3 2004 North Park Blocks[8] 9-11 July[8] Over 110 beers from more than 15 countries were available: 25 Belgians on tap, another 30 in the bottle. There was live music all weekend (rockabilly, ragtime/dixieland jazz), as well as a cigar bar, free darts, chess, checkers, and Jenga.[8]
4 2007 North Park Blocks[9] 13-15 July[9] They hosted 130 beers from 15 different countries, specializing in hard-to-find rare and exotic styles. There was a world-class cigar bar and free games such as darts, chess, checkers, and backgammon were provided this year.[9]
5 2008 North Park Blocks[10] 18-20 July[10] They hosted 130 beers from 15 countries.[10]
5 2009 North Park Blocks[11] 17-19 July[11] They hosted more than 130 beers.[11]
6 2010 North Park Blocks[12] 16-18 July[12] They hosted over 150 beers from more than 15 countries.[12]
7 2011 North Park Blocks[13] 15-17 July[13] They provided over 150 beers, a BBQ pit, gourmet cheese vendor, and other food trucks. There were free games such as darts, chess, checkers, and backgammon.[13]
8 2012 North Park Blocks[14] 20-22 July[14] They hosted over 150 beers from 16 countries.[14]
9 2013 North Park Blocks[15] 19-21 July[15] They provided over 150 beers, a BBQ pit, gourmet cheese vendor, and other food trucks. There were free games such as darts, chess, checkers, and backgammon.[15]
10 2014 Holladay Park[4] 8-10 August [4] This was their first year in Holladay Park near the Lloyd Center. There was some speculation that the Oregon Brewers Guild didn’t support the event, but this was disputed by them. They hosted over 225 beers.[4]
11 2015 Holladay Park[16] 26-28 June[16] They hosted over 220 beers and live music throughout the event.[16]
12 2016 Holladay Park[17] 24-26 June[17] They hosted over 200 beers from 16 countries and a Pie Joust.[17]


There are no reported incidents. In 2015, the organizers took extra precautions to make sure visitors would be hydrated and comfortable, in efforts to lower the chances for health risks to occur. They went on to get 900 feet of hose, 5 jumbo misting sprinklers and 14 jumbo fans that were put on the ends of every single beer tent. Experts with the CDC warn that drinking alcohol in the heat can be a dangerous combination, and in the triple-digit weather Portland was facing that summer, hydration and a cool environment were a top priority.[18]

News and Media Coverage[edit]

In the past several years, the PIB has been advertised and reviewed in local newspapers (e.g. The Portland Mercury,[19] the PDX Monthly,[20] and KPTV[18]), but it appears to have not reached any news sources outside of the Portland area. On the official PIB website, there are links that direct to their social media accounts and Yelp[21] page. The PIB has had an active Twitter account[22] since 2011, a Facebook page[23] since 2012, and their first Yelp review was posted in 2011.[24]


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