Portland Marathon

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Portland Marathon
Portland Marathon.jpg
The 2006 Portland Marathon
Date October
Location Portland, Oregon, United States
Event type Road
Distance Marathon and half-marathon
Established 1972
Official site www.portlandmarathon.org

The Portland Marathon is an annual marathon sporting event held in the city of Portland, Oregon, held continuously from 1972. The 2018 Portland Marathon was originally scheduled for Sunday, October 7, 2018. It was announced as cancelled on April 27, 2018 by an announcement from the Portland Marathon Board of Directors[1], following a misconduct investigation initiated by the Oregon Department of Justice.[2] On Friday, June 1, 2018, city of Portland officials chose a new organizer for the Marathon, Run With Paula Events, which has created other successful distance-running events in the Portland area including Bridge of the Goddess, the Hippie Chick, and Helvetia Half marathons.[3] The marathon is generally held the first Sunday in October, with as many as 10,000 runners competing. It features both full marathon and half marathon events.

The marathon starts and finishes near Chapman/Lownsdale/Schrunk Parks in downtown Portland. Participants have eight hours in which to finish the marathon. The men's course record of 2:17:21 hours was set by German runner Uli Steidl in 1997.[4] Japan's Hiromi Yokoyama holds the women's course record with her time of 2:36:40 hours from 1991.[5] The oldest finisher was Mavis Lingren at age 90 in 1997.[4]


Edition Year Men's Winner Time (h:m:s) Women's Winner Time (h:m:s)
36th 2007  Carlos Siqueiros (USA) 2:25:27  Mayu Horiki (JPN) 2:53:47
37th 2008  John Ngigi (KEN) 2:31:22  Kami Semick (USA) 2:45:24
38th 2009  Jason Finch (USA) 2:24:13  Yuri Yoshizumi (JPN) 2:55:59
39th 2010  Eric Griffiths (USA) 2:28:44  Kami Semick (USA) 2:52:04
40th 2011  Ian Nurse (USA) 2:27:38  Marcella Klimek (USA) 2:46:27
41st 2012  Jameson Mora (USA) 2:21:09  Colleen Little (USA) 2:51:35
42nd 2013  Jameson Mora (USA) 2:20:54  Rachel Jaten (USA) 2:42:15
43rd 2014  Makoto Ozawa (JPN) 2:23:57  Susan Smith (USA) 2:53:30
44th 2015  Jameson Mora (USA) 2:28:29  Susie Scott (USA) 2:51:23
45th 2016  Matthew Palilla (USA) 2:36:25  Kate Landau (USA) 2:38:45
46th 2017  Teppei Suegami (USA) 2:23:41  Allison Goldstein (USA) 2:50:25


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