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Portledge School
Locust Valley, New York
United States
Type Private Independent Co-Ed
Established 1965
Headmaster Mr. Simon Owen Williams
Grades Pre-Nursery – 12th grade
Enrollment 470 (2015-16)
Campus Suburban
Color(s) Blue and White          Pearl And Royal Blue
Mascot Black panther
Nickname Portledge Panthers
Yearbook Collage
The Portledge School shield, depicting a decorated blue shield. The logo is derived from the Coffin family coat of arms.

Portledge School is an independent college-preparatory day school located in Locust Valley, New York with 414 students in Pre-nursery through 12th grade (2006–2007 school year).


Port MidSCourt

Portledge was founded in 1965 in the Coffin estate in Locust Valley, NY. The estate was named after Portledge Manor, the Coffin family's ancestral home in England. Originally just the Carriage House (Middle School) and the Mansion (Lower School), the school built an Upper School (Gilmour Library), a Gym (Wellington Gym), Slanetz Science Center (SSC), and various sports fields over 40 years. Since 2000, the Middle School was completely rebuilt from an aging stable to a modern three level classroom and performance area complex. Most recently, a baseball and multipurpose field were constructed on lands backing up on Duck Pond Road. The school went through various headmasters in its early years until Hugh Gregory was hired. Responsible for growing the school from one without a unified grading system to a nationally accredited institution, Gregory served for 29 years. Afterwards, a search committee selected Steven Hahn, who served from 2006 until 2012. Simon Owen-Williams succeeded Mr. Hahn and is the current Headmaster of the school.

Academic Honesty[edit]

At the beginning of each school year, the school requires student above grade five to sign an honor statement, which is reaffirmed before taking trimester exams. A disciplinary committee made up of students and faculty is organized each year in order to deal with breaches of this honor statement. The committee can formally only recommend a course of action; ultimate power lies with the Headmaster.

Faculty Advisors[edit]

Faculty Advisers serve much the same duties as a commons teacher or a guidance counselor at any public facility, making sure their advisees are doing well academically while also offering any guidance that they might need.

Notable alumni[edit]

Dress Code[edit]

Students at Portledge are required to abide to a dress code. For boys, this entails wearing a button down shirt, dress pants with a belt, and dress shoes, and staying clean shaven. Girls are also required to wear appropriate clothing. The dress code forbids sweatpants, sweatshirts, jeans, and hats. Generally, it is a custom for every first Friday of each month to be a "dress-down day", during which students may wear whatever they please as long as it is not offensive.

Port Cherry-EField


Portledge offers many sports that are taught to students between fifth and twelfth grades, a number of which are not found in most public schools. Sports at Portledge include, but are not limited to, Boys' and Girls' Ice Hockey, Boys' and Girls' Soccer, Boys' and Girls' Tennis, Boys' and Girls' Squash, Boys' and Girls' Lacrosse, Boys' and Girls' Cross Country, Boys' and Girls' Basketball, Girls' Softball, and Boys' baseball. In its past years, Portledge has been successful in sports competing in championship competition such as the International Private and Parochial Schools Athletic League. In 2015, the Boys' Hockey team won the inaugural Mid-Atlantic Hockey League (MAHL) Championship over the Hill School (PA) by a score of 8-6. Recently Portledge has been donated a new softball field by the parents of the Portledge Community for girls of the softball team to use during their softball season, while previously having to use the facilities of other schools for softball games.

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