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Salvador Dalí House-Museum
Casa Salvador Dalí
LocationPortlligat, Cadaqués, Spain
Coordinates42°17′35″N 3°17′10″E / 42.2931078°N 3.2861689°E / 42.2931078; 3.2861689Coordinates: 42°17′35″N 3°17′10″E / 42.2931078°N 3.2861689°E / 42.2931078; 3.2861689

The Salvador Dalí House-Museum is the house in Portlligat, Catalonia, Spain, where Salvador Dalí lived and worked from 1930 to 1982. After the death of his wife Gala Dalí, he took up residence at Púbol Castle.


The house, formerly a number of small fisherman's huts,[1] has a labyrinthine structure which from one point of departure, the Bear Lobby, spreads out and winds around in a succession of zones linked by narrow corridors, slight changes of level, and blind passageways.

All the rooms have windows of different shapes and proportions framing the same landscape that is a constant point of reference in Dalí's work: the Portlligat bay.



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