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Porto Canal
Logo Porto Canal.jpg
Launched29 September 2006
Owned byFC Porto
Picture format1080i HDTV
(downscaled to 16:9 576i for the SDTV feed)
SloganO norte começa aqui (The North begins here)
Broadcast areaPortugal
NOSChannel 13 (SD)
MEOChannel 14 (SD)
NOSChannel 13 (SD)
Channel 37 (HD)
NowoChannel 18
MEOChannel 14 (SD)
Channel 194 (HD)
VodafoneChannel 13 (HD)
Channel 186 (SD)

Porto Canal is a Portuguese pay television channel broadcasting from northern Portugal based in Matosinhos. Launched on 29 September 2006, it replaced former NTV (from Porto TV, based in Vila Nova de Gaia) which transformed into RTPN, Radiotelevisão Portuguesa's news channel.

In July 2010, Porto Canal launched three new delegations in Mirandela, Arcos de Valdevez and Penafiel, and in the beginning of 2011, three more in Guimarães, Braga and Vila Real.[1]

On 4 March 2011, Porto Canal announced a partnership with Portuguese sports club F.C. Porto. On 1 August 2011, F.C. Porto assumed the management of Porto Canal, launching two new F.C. Porto related programs, Flash Porto and Somos Porto.[2] Porto Canal also broadcasts live full matches of the F.C. Porto teams of football (only FC Porto B home games), basketball, handball and roller hockey.


In terms of content the channel airs generalist and regional programming. It focuses primarily on news of the northern region of Portugal, having also many diverse programs.

Since the partnership with FC Porto, it has programs like Flash Porto or 45 Minutos à Porto that broadcast club-related news and information.

Major programs (non-sports)[edit]

Sports programs (FC Porto)[edit]

Personnel of Porto Canal[edit]

  • Director-General
    • Júlio Magalhães
  • Director of information and programming
    • Domingos de Andrade
  • Director of FC Porto contents
    • Rui Cerqueira
  • Managing editor
    • Vanda Balieiro
  • Program coordinator
    • Mafalda Campos
  • Production coordinator
    • Fátima Ribeiro de Almeida
  • Editors
    • Ana Rita Basto
    • Ana Guedes Rodrigues
    • Cláudia Fonseca
    • Pedro Carvalho da Silva
    • Carla Ascenção
  • Online editor
    • André Arantes
  • Lisbon Correspondent
    • Salomé Pinto


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