Porto Martins

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Porto Martins
Civil Parish
Porto martins 050.JPG
A panoramic vista of the coast of Porto Martins, and the extinct spatter cone Capitão
Official name: Freguesia de Porto Martins
Name origin: Portuguese for Martins Port
Country  Portugal
Autonomous Region  Azores
Island Terceira
Municipality Praia da Vitória
Localities Ponta da Maria, Ponta Negra, Porto do São Fernando, Porto Martins, Praia de Porto Martins, Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, Recanto, Santo António, Serra, Santa Margarida
Center Porto Martins
 - coordinates 38°41′8″N 27°3′44″W / 38.68556°N 27.06222°W / 38.68556; -27.06222Coordinates: 38°41′8″N 27°3′44″W / 38.68556°N 27.06222°W / 38.68556; -27.06222
Highest point Capitão
 - elevation 150 m (492 ft)
 - coordinates 38°41′29″N 27°3′31″W / 38.69139°N 27.05861°W / 38.69139; -27.05861
Lowest point Sea level
 - location Atlantic Ocean
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Area 3.43 km2 (1 sq mi)
 - urban .89 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population 1,001 (2011)
Density 292/km2 (756/sq mi)
LAU Junta Freguesia
 - location Rua Capitão João B. Pamplona
President Junta Ana Rita Meneses Branco (PS)
Timezone Azores (UTC-1)
 - summer (DST) Azores (UTC0)
Postal Zone 9760-090
Area Code & Prefix (+351) 292 XXX-XXXX
Patron Saint Santa Margarida
Porto Martins is located in Terceira
Porto Martins
Location of the parish seat of Porto Martins on the island of Terceira
Wikimedia Commons: Porto Martins (Praia da Vitória)
Website: www.freguesiaportomartins.com
Geographic detail from Instituto Geográfico Português (2010)

Porto Martins is a civil parish in the municipality of Praia da Vitória, on the island of Terceira in the Portuguese Azores. The population in 2011 was 1,001,[1] in an area of 3.43 km².[2]


Church of Santa Margarida, constructed by the 1st Viscount of Porto Martins

Porto Martins was deannexed from the neighbouring parish of Cabo da Praia on 9 May 2001.[3]

The Império Divino Espírito Santo, used in the annual festivals to the Holy Spirit in Porto Martins

The parish owes a lot to the philanthropy of José Coelho Pamplona, 1st Viscount of Porto Martim, a native of the parish, who donated funds towards the construction of the parochial church, expanding the older Chapel of Santa Margarida, the primary school, in addition to the primitive system of fountains, which supported the local population. The Viscount was an illustrious figure in the Portuguese community in São Paulo.


Porto Martins landscape is varied, characterized by rock-covered vineyards and orchards, particularly olive fields, which are uncharacteristic of the humid climate.



  • Chafariz do Largo Comendador Pamplona


  • Fort of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré (English: Fort of Our Lady of Nazareth)
  • Fort of São Bento (English: Fort of Saint Benedict)
  • Fort of São Filipe (English: Fort of Saint Phillip)


  • Parochial Church of Porto Martins
  • Império of the Divino Espírito Santo