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Portola Institute

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Portola Institute
Company typeNonprofit
FoundedMenlo Park, California (1966)
Headquarters1115 Merrill St. Menlo Park, California U.S.
Key people
Dick Raymond[1][2][3][4]

The Portola Institute was a "nonprofit educational foundation" founded[5] in Menlo Park, California in 1966 [6] by Dick Raymond.[7] The Portola institute helped to develop other organizations such as The Briarpatch Society[8] and Bob Albrecht's People's Computer Company.[9] It was also the publisher of Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Catalog beginning with the first issue in 1968.[10][7] The first issue of The Whole Earth Catalog notes that the catalog is one division of The Portola Institute[11] and that other activities of the Institute include: "computer education for all grade levels, simulation games for classroom use, new approaches to music education, Ortega Park Teachers Laboratory."[6] Raymond and Brand later collaborated to form the Point Foundation.[7]


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