Portola Institute

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Portola Institute
FoundedMenlo Park, California (1966)
Headquarters1115 Merrill St. Menlo Park, California U.S.
Key people
Dick Raymond

The Portola Institute was a "nonprofit educational foundation" founded in Menlo Park, California in 1966 [1] by Dick Raymond.[2] The Portola institute helped to develop other organizations such as The Briarpatch Society. It was also the publisher of Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Catalog beginning with the first issue in 1968.[2] The first issue of The Whole Earth Catalog notes that the catalog is one division of The Portola Institute and that other activities of the Institute include: "computer education for all grade levels, simulation games for classroom use, new approaches to music education, Ortega Park Teachers Laboratory." [1] Raymond and Brand later collaborated to form the Point Foundation.[2]


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