Portrait of Adèle Besson

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Portrait of Adele Besson
Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Adèle Besson.jpg
ArtistAuguste Renoir
Yearabout 1918
MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions41 cm × 36.8 cm (16 in × 14.5 in)
LocationMuseum of Fine Arts, Besançon

The Portrait of Adèle Besson is an oil painting in the Post-Impressionist style made by Auguste Renoir in 1918, representing the wife of George Besson.

The couple gave a large bequest to the Museum of Fine Arts in Besançon (France).[1] Their collection consisted of works of contemporary art (early 20th century). The installation of the collection at the Museum caused the expansion of the museum building, including the construction of the central staircase by Louis Miquel (student of Le Corbusier). This picture is part of their bequest.


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