Portrait of Daniele Barbaro

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Portrait of Daniele Barbaro
Daniele Barbaro.jpg
Artist Paolo Veronese
Year c. 1556–67
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 121 cm × 105.5 cm (48 in × 41.5 in)
Location Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The Portrait of Daniele Barbaro (c. 1565–67) is a painting by the Italian Renaissance master Paolo Veronese in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Daniele Barbaro was a member of the Venetian aristocracy (see Barbaro family). He was an important prelate, humanist and architectural theorist, who commissioned a number of works from Veronese. Veronese had been involved directly with Barbaro and his brother Marcantonio Barbaro, decorating the Villa Barbaro, Maser, which Palladio designed.

Barbaro, who was Patriarch of Aquileia, is dressed as a bishop. He was also a cardinal and is sitting in the audience posture (reserved normally for Popes and cardinals).

The book standing up is the La Practica della Perspettiva, Barbaro's treatise on artistic perspective.[1] The other volume on the table is Barbaro's "Commentary" on Vitruvius' De architectura,[2] which has illustrations by Andrea Palladio. Barbaro's Commentary on Vitruvius was published in Italian in 1556, but the portrait may be linked to the publication of a second edition in Latin in the 1560s.

Related works[edit]

Two portraits reunited[edit]

Barbaro was also portrayed by Titian around 1545. To commemorate the 500th anniversary of his birth, two portraits of Daniel Barbaro were brought together for a Venice exhibition in 2015, the painting by Titian from the Museo del Prado, and this painting from the Rijksmuseum.[3]

Portrait by Titian

Portrait in the Pitti Palace[edit]

There is a portrait by Veronese in the Pitti Palace, Florence, which has been described as Barbaro dressed as a Venetian aristocrat, but this identification is not certain.

A gentleman in ermine by Paolo Veronese, previously identified as Daniele Barbaro.


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