Portrait of Federico da Montefeltro with His Son Guidobaldo

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Portrait of Ferderico da Montefeltro and His Son Guidobaldo
Federico montefeltro and son.jpg
Artist Pedro Berruguete
Year c. 1475
Type Tempera on wood
Location Galleria nazionale delle Marche, Urbino

The Portrait of Federico da Montefeltro and His Son Guidobaldo is a painting by Spanish Renaissance artist Pedro Berruguete, dating from c. 1475 and housed in the Galleria nazionale delle Marche in Urbino, Italy.

It is one of the main works executed by the Spanish painter at the court of condottiero and Duke of Urbino Federico III da Montefeltro, where he had been called to in 1474 together with another painter of the Flemish school, Justus van Gent.


The work has an elongated vertical shape which. Due also to the use of perspective (a constant feature in contemporary paintings at Urbino) from left, it could have been the left panel of a diptych or made to pair a pre-existing similar work.

It portrays Federico III da Montefeltro, humanist and military leader, in his studio, surrounded by the symbols of his power and his interests. His armor, partially covered by a precious mantle with a stoat collar, refers to his primary role as condottiero. Further military hints include the necklace of the Order of the Ermine, as well as the helmet and the command baton on the ground. His left leg show the Garter given by him by the King of England. Other official symbols to his international status is the mitre with pearls on the shelf at the left upper corner, which was a personal gift of the Ottoman sultan.

The duke sits on a sort of throne, and is reading a codex, an expensive item for the time, and also an allusion to his humanist interests. Near to Federico is his young son Guidobaldo, a future duke of Urbino, who also wears rich clothes and holds a command baton.

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