Portrait of a Mobster

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Portrait of a Mobster
Directed by Joseph Pevney
Starring Vic Morrow
Release dates
January 5, 1962
Running time
108 mins.
Country United States
Language English

Portrait of a Mobster is a 1961 film directed by Joseph Pevney. It stars Vic Morrow, Leslie Parrish and Ray Danton repeating his role as 'Legs' Diamond.[1]


Up-and-coming racketeer Dutch Schultz joins the Legs Diamond gang in Prohibition-era New York. A bootlegger named Murphy is murdered by Dutch, who falls for the dead man's daughter, Iris.

Iris marries her fiancé, Frank Brennan, a police detective. They need money and Frank accepts payoffs from Dutch, who is forming a gang of his own.

After getting rid of Legs, Mad Dog Coll and others standing in his way, Dutch again makes a play for Iris, but she learns that he killed her father and begins to drink. Frank vows to reform and win her back. Betraying his pal Bo to the mob, Dutch discovers that a hit has been put out on himself as well. While fighting for his life, he is shot by Bo by mistake and is killed.



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